Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Slashdot!

Julian Sanchez' ArsTechnica story on the opening plenary session is on Slashdot's front page as McCain vs. Obama on Tech Issues, submitted by eldavojohn

"Ars is running a brief article that looks at stances from Chuck Fish of McCain's campaign and Daniel Weitzner from Obama's in regards to technical issues that may cause us geeks to vote one way or the other. From openness vs. bandwidth in the net neutrality issue to those pesky National Security Letters, there's some key differences that just might play at least a small part in your vote. You may also remember our discussions on who is best for geeks."
w00t, w00t!


PS: please see the CFP 2008 coverage page on the wiki for other coverage of this and other panels.

PS: To answer the obvious question that's already come up in the Slashdot thread: the Clinton campaign was invited to send a representative as well but couldn't make the scheduling work.


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