Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get it on Slashdot!

  1. ????
  2. Get it on Slashdot
  3. Profit!

What techniques make it more likely for larger blogs to cover your story -- or link to you?

It's an example of Charismatic Content ... an important question for activists ... and something that several of us tried to solve last year at CFP as part of the Stop Real ID Now activism campaign, where despite working with the EFF, ACLU, and having folks like Bruce Schneier at the conference, we just couldn't get the story picked up by Slashdot until the very last moment.

So let's figure it out. And in the spirit of learning by doing, as an initial experiment, we're going to focus on Slashdot. Can we them to pick up Mike Godwin's recent article for Jewcy, I seem to be a verb: 18 years of Godwin's Law?

Initial ideas are on the CFP community wiki. Your thoughts welcome -- either here on the blog or the wiki!

PS: We'll also be discussing this at the social network workshop on Thursday

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