Monday, December 15, 2008

Session ideas

Got some ideas for sessions that you haven't turned into proposals yet? Please share them here!

Keynote speaker suggestions?

CFP's keynotes are quite varied, including

- politicians who's been fighting the good fight for civil liberties, for example Patrick Leahy in 2006
- significant policy addresses, for example Konstantinos Karachalios of the European Patent Office in 2008
- "big picture" thinkers, for example Clay Shirky's closing keynote from 2008 (video here, notes here)
- wry observers focused on the future, for example Bruce Sterling in 2002

Who to invite this year? Suggestions welcome!

New submission deadline: January 9

The deadline for the CFP09 all for presentations, tutorials, and workshops has been pushed back to January 9. We'll also be kicking off some threads on the blog to collect ideas for keynote speakers and session topics. Stay tuned!