Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Resources on hate speech and trolls

One of our goals for the Dealing with hate speech and trolls module I'm leading at the social network workshop next Thursday is to create a useful resource page. There are a lot of techniques that can help bloggers and moderators; and call me an optimist, but I really believe a shared understanding of past thinking and research in this area, and the facts and different perspectives in a lot of real-world experiences, can make a huge difference.

We'll hopefully have an online component to the workshop; specific technology (and the exact time of this session) still TBD.

But why wait? The resource page is up on the wiki now, with eight tips, links to a half-dozen experiences (including Kathy Sierra, Blackamazon, my own writeup of a successful community defense against trolls), some good references including foundational work from Susan Herring and Clay Shirky, and a selection of "best practice" moderation policies and tactics.

If you've got other suggestions, please add them -- directly on the wiki, or as a reply here.

And please also send this send this link around to others who might be interested .... Hate speech and trolling are huge problems right now in many areas of the web, and pooling our knowledge is a good first step for making some progress on it.

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